Bison swimming river.

These were quick shot through an open window  of a moving truck.

Yellowstone River from Fishing Bridge in Southeast Yellowstone

Cinnamon Bear

This is not a grizzly.

A Black Bear with brown fur.

Enjoying wildflowers.

Black Tail Plateau Road in

North Central Yellowstone


Some common small mammals are alive and well fed in Yellowstone.

This one was near Old Faithful

in the Upper Geyser Basin

Not as well known as their cousins, the wolves, coyotes are usually just a bit shy and reclusive.

This one was an exception.

Hayden Meadow in Southeast Yellowstone.

Elk are majestic animals more closely related to walrus than to deer.  They even have ivory “tusks” in their mouth.

The better places to see Bison (Buffalo) are Custer State Park, Badlands National Park and Wind Cave National Park, all  in South Dakota. In Yellowstone, herds of bison wander everywhere. Do not stop to see one old bull alongside the road. Watch a herd — especially with young.

Hayden Valley in Southeast Yellowstone


Bison on the Road


Yellowstone Mammals

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Yellowstone National Park is one of the GREAT places in the world to view wildlife.

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Bison cause more injuries to Yellowstone visitors than wolves, bears, or any other animal. Enjoy at a distance.

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