West of Yellowstone

Earthquake Lake,

West Yellowstone MT,
Missouri River Headwaters

Many interesting and scenic areas are near Yellowstone National Park.

The Traveling Morgans spent some time on the west side of Yellowstone and visited a few places.

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The Missouri river is considered to begin with the merging of the Jefferson River, the Gallatin River, and the Madison River. They all come together within a mile.

Above: Earthquake Lake as it exists today.


Upper Right: The section of the mountain that gave way, rolling across the valley and blocking the Gallatin River, and on up the other side where many campers were buried.


Lower Right: Memorial Boulder which rolled across the valley and hundreds of feet up the slope. It is dedicated as a memorial to those that were killed.


Below: An old campsite, where the fire ring was suddenly 20 feet below the picnic table.

Madison River Gap from a hill outside West Yellowstone Montana. This gap is the way into Yellowstone National Park from the West.

Missouri River Headwaters

Earthquake Lake