According to legend, the Grand Tetons  were named by French Trappers. The rough translation is “Great Breasts”.

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The Traveling Morgans at an overlook (left).

Phyllis, Roscoe, and Harp with Mt. Moran in the background (left). Mt Moran has 5 active and growing glaciers.

Below right shows some of the Glaciers.

Below left shows “the dike” and Falling Ice Glacier.

Left: Teton Glacier on Grand Teton Mountain.

The flow of the glacier is 30 feet per year.

Grand Teton Nation Park is a little more dog friendly than Yellowstone National Park.

Leashed dogs are allowed on all paved paths and paved overlooks.

Grand Teton National Park

The Grand Tetons get taller every year by about an inch. This is actually very rapid.

Jackson Lake, the Snake River, fabulous wildlife, mild summer climate, and glaciers that are growing are also items that draw visitors in large numbers.

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Jackson Lake is at the foot of the Grand Teton Range (above)